Aspen knew she wanted her senior photos taken in a field of wildflowers and we timed her photo shoot perfectly.  The sunflowers were so bright and enchanting that day.  Like Aspen, I love photos that are natural and candid; there is a certain softness that comes through so beautifully when we shoot this way.  It's my favorite.  We simply spent time enjoying where we were and the moment we were in & I think that shows in her photos.

Next we made our way to another favorite location of mine- this location is great for an urban style that is still quite feminine.

natural movement at sunset is just the just is. I have a favorite place, perfect for just that & we spent the rest of the evening there!


This summer, Alexa asked me to travel to Greenbrier County, to a lovely home on the river that her family owns, for her senior pictures.  I am so glad that I did.  There is something magical about taking photos in a location that has history and special meaning to you. Here are just a few of our favorites...

Alexa knew she wanted photos taken in the river behind her home.  She showed me a photo from her childhood, taken on the same river rock that we would use for her senior pictures that day.  It touched my heart to see how excited Alexa was to surprise her mother with that photo. Sometimes, especially in moments like that, I feel quite overwhelmed with gratitude. 

We laughed throughout this shoot and it was such fun; especially while taking this next set of photos. We were just getting warmed up when a sweet little skunk decided to follow us.  We kept our distance but had to be pretty stealthy when it was time to leave!